Hanako–my brother’s Shiba Inu

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Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

We’re having a lazy day but wanted to finally update this blog of ours!  So much has been going on for Mommy and Daddy that they’ve been unable update until now.  Oh!  Some exciting news!  Daddy got to meet one of Hinoki’s littermates, Bamboo, in New York!  Bamboo and Hinoki definitely look like fur brothers—they practically have the same face.  Thank you to Bamboo’s hu-mom and hu-dad for taking the time to meet!

Other than that, Kaede and Hinoki have been doing well.  Ivy’s gotten more playful so Kaede and Ivy like to wrestle around.  Although Ivy is only 5 lbs, she definitely keeps Kaede on her toes.

We know the May shows are coming up in Albuquerque but we’re too busy to enter this year.  Good luck to all the Shibas in the competition!  Maybe next time!





What a bargain of a pet bed!

I am totally in love with this beautiful, affordable, new pet bed we got from Costco for only 26.99!  It’s so well-made and large enough to fit both of our Shibas.  From the looks of it, I’d say they are enjoying it quite a bit too!

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Happy Holidays!

We went to visit the ‘rents and had to leave the dogs at home.  Let’s just say that I was strongly considering getting an IP surveillance camera so that I can be able to see them the next time we’re gone for so long.  I missed them so!  Nonetheless, seeing family was great and we saw some beautiful lights in DFW as well.  As I get older, I am beginning to appreciate more and more the precious time that I spend with my family.  We hope that you are all having a wonderful holiday season with your families too!


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Princess Kaede’s Feather “Bed”

Kaede loves to curl up on blankets, in my clothes, and couch pillows.  I noticed that she liked this particular pillow so much that I decided it would better serve if it were laid on the floor as her own personal bed than on a living room couch.  I imagine she has been sleeping very well lately, being as it is filled with goose feathers!

IMG_5043 IMG_5090


Happy Holidays From Hinoki and Kaede!

Our Shibas are doing wonderfully and they have been very happy with the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving.  Kaede has also matured quite a bit and her personality has completely mellowed out, which was a nice surprise.  Hinoki’s coat texture has changed into a denser, softer coat, which is so nice to feel when we pet him.  They have continued to cause us grief by chewing up some valued possessions, but we are learning to adapt by placing plastic bins around the house on high surfaces, so that we can put items away and out of reach.

Grad school has been keeping me super busy so I apologize for the lack of posts but I hope that these following photos will make up for it!  We’ve got a lot of love in this house, as you can tell!